Russian bombers have launched devastating attacks on jihadists in Syria. Video

Russia ceased to tolerate the escalation of the situation in Idlib and began bombing jihadists in a cut with Turkey.

This afternoon, Russian Aerospace Forces bombers launched a series of powerful air strikes on jihadist positions who are trying to hide behind Turkish checkpoints in the province of Idlib. The strikes were carried out on large groups of militants, weapons and fortified areas, as a result of which the militants suffered very heavy losses.

In the video footage and photographs presented, you can see how Russian front-line Su-24 bombers actively strike the hilly and mountainous terrain where the jihadists are deploying their forces, thereby trying to minimize the likelihood of attacks from the SAA, however, this factor turned out to be against the Russian military aviation completely useless, which is demonstrated by the corresponding photo and video materials.

According to some reports, one of the reasons for the sudden powerful attack by Russia was an attempt by the jihadists to transfer their military equipment to the area where the Syrian troops are located with the aim of likely subsequent attacks on the positions of the SAA. It is reported that the jihadists could use the disrupted patrols to transfer their weapons to the region, however, at the moment, there is no official confirmation of this data.

It should be noted that the current attacks by the Russian Aerospace Forces on jihadist positions in Idlib province were among the first in recent weeks.