Russian bombers strike 5 Turkish military bases in Syria

Russia will not forgive Erdogan for provocations in Syria.

Any provocations by the Turkish army in Idlib and northern Syria became punishable by Russia. So, after the Turkish troops entered Idlib without the permission of Russia, Russian bombers launched powerful strikes on the areas where 5 Turkish military bases and observation posts were located at once. According to Syrian sources, a few hours ago, Russian bombers successfully bombed only 1-1,5 kilometers from Turkish military facilities, destroying a large group of terrorists near the settlements of Kansafra and Al-Bara.

On the presented video frames, you can see the strikes of the Russian military aviation. At the same time, sources report that the Turkish military is actually demoralized by the strikes of Russian military aircraft, since any interaction between the militants and the Turkish army can result in the destruction of the Turkish forces.

In turn, experts draw attention to the fact that so far the strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces are rather of a point nature and resemble a "warm-up", however, if Turkey decides to take any action against the Syrian army, this will result in very grave consequences. Ankara has already been warned several times.

“Erdogan has already been warned - withdraw the troops, or collect the victims of the strikes. The Turkish leader refused to make any concessions and began to threaten Damascus and Moscow, naively believing that he has some significant power in the region. Until Turkey proceeds to active hostilities, no one will bomb the Turkish forces, however, as soon as the Turks undertake a provocation, no one will figure out where the Turkish troops are and where the jihadists are. In the past, Erdogan has already decided to flex his muscles in Idlib, and suffered losses, after which he began to ask for negotiations and a peace settlement. Apparently, this time the alignment will be the same ", - the analyst notes.

It should be noted that over the past few weeks, Turkey has transferred to Syria about a hundred units of armored vehicles, artillery and about 1-1,5 thousand of its military.

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