Russian bombers have worked out the destruction of US bases in Alaska from an unusual direction

Russian strategic bombers practiced a surprise attack on Alaska.

The recent flight of a pair of Russian strategic missile-carrying bombers over the Barents and White Seas came as an extremely big surprise to the United States. As it turned out, in addition to the 13-hour flight, Russian missile carriers practiced strikes against Alaska, moreover, from a very unusual direction.

As follows from the materials presented, which, by the way, is confirmed by data on the alleged flight route of the Russian Tu-160s, a pair of Russian bombers-missile carriers performed strange maneuvers in the area of ​​​​the Franz Josef Land archipelago. Given the fact that Russian bombers were operating east of the archipelago, the latter were probably practicing strikes against Alaska - the Kh-160 and Kh-101 cruise missiles in service with the Tu-102 have sufficient range to hit any target within the US state.

“Russian strategic bombers have sowed terror by rehearsing attacks on US bases in Alaska. A special effect was produced by a non-standard flight route, which did not allow the detection of Russian bombers and at the same time made it possible to strike at Alaska.- notes the publication of "Sohu".

According to the Russian Telegram channel Operativnaya Liniya, Russian bombers did indeed operate in the area of ​​the Franz Josef Land archipelago, although a much greater approach of the bombers to the US borders is not ruled out.

According to Chinese analysts, the flight of Russian bombers was a radical response from Russia to the United States to the derailed talks on security guarantees.

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Our strategists practiced clearing US military bases in Alaska after ballistic missile strikes.

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