Russian bombers tore American "stealth" F-35

The American F-35 was out of work even in front of Russian bombers.

Russian strategic bombers were able to double humiliate the American F-35 fighters, positioned in the United States as the best combat aircraft in the world. As it turned out, in order to frighten Russian “strategists”, the United States took off its “stealth” fighter planes, however, the latter were not only seen by Russian aircraft radars, but simply could not catch up with supersonic aircraft.

“The Tu-160“ White Swan ”strategic bomber is the largest and fastest aircraft in its class. Some time ago, the international community witnessed how this machine twice humiliated the latest American F-35 fighter jets. “At the end of last year, a pair of F-35 fighters tried to intercept the Tu-160 VKS of the Russian Federation during its flight over international waters. However, the Russian bomber unexpectedly gained altitude and left his pursuers at a speed exceeding Mach 2, ”noted Chinese journalists. F-35 tried to catch up with the Russian aircraft, but suffered a humiliating fiasco. And when you consider that the huge 110-ton bomber of the Russian Aerospace Forces departed from light American fighters, this fact becomes the second humiliation for the USA in a day. "Some time ago, the American media tried to find flaws in the Tu-160, but were very unconvincing in this field."- сообщает Russian information publication PolitRussia.

According to experts, if the American "stealth" collided with Russian fighters, such as the Su-35 or Su-57, then the F-35 would have suffered enormous humiliation.

“Russian fighters are much more maneuverable than the F-35. It is possible that Russian pilots would not only dodge such an interception, but also easily fit in the tail of the F-35, taking the "Americans" in their sight, - the expert marks.

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