Russian bombers swept over fighters who tried to attack Russian military

Russian bombers dispersed militants trying to attack the Russian military patrol.

A few hours ago, during a regular patrol along the M4 highway in Idlib, militants tried to attack a Russian military patrol. Their attempt was blocked by Turkish troops, however, the Russian bombers were able to finally disperse the terrorists, who swept right over the heads of the militants, forcing the latter to seek shelter.

“Several Russian aircraft were seen in the sky above the Idlib governorate on Wednesday after a military patrol was blocked by a group of militants at the beginning of the day. Russian military aircraft, including their reconnaissance drones, flew over the M-4 motorway (Aleppo-Latakia highway) in areas where militant forces gathered repeatedly to prevent the Russian police from completing the planned patrols. The Russian military did not strike, but since Monday they have increased their presence in the sky above Idlib governorate. On Tuesday, a source from the Syrian armed forces told Al-Masdar News that the Russian armed forces conducted several reconnaissance flights this week to monitor militants who were gathering in different parts of the governorate. He added that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) expects a “green light” from Russia to resume its field operations in Idlib governorate ”- сообщает Arabic newsletter Al-Masdar News.

Experts note that in reality, the Russian ultimatum delivered to the militants expired a week ago, however, the terrorists only continue to strengthen their positions, strengthening them with heavy Turkish armored vehicles and artillery.

If the planes above them came out of the peak at maximum speed !!!!!

If the planes above them came out of the peak at maximum speed !!!!!

In the army, at the field airfield, I sit in the bushes to peel raspberries on a clearing. And flights are going to another squadron.
Suddenly, I hear, with some kind of light dry crackling, a link directly above me (4 planes, then the MiG-23s) flew low and low sharply and unexpectedly. And afterburner, disloyal. A sharp take-off. Before I even managed to figure out three letters, the “sledgehammer” of the crash fell on me. Tons of rumble. I jumped up. I stand deaf and I’m not understanding anything. I’m shaking. The mouth says something. Mat, I guess. In short, pamarki.
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And now "Drying." There is more specific. So, I don’t envy the militants.

Why are there no bombs?

So it is. Once, (in 1980) we were sitting with men in the gazebo, having lunch (it was hot to dine in the room), and above us Sushki (then still a new plane) was landing (a long-distance drive nearby). Suddenly, one drying directly above us began to climb. We were all sent off the spot. Some even fell onto the concrete floor.

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What nonsense did you write? Supersound on the PMV is about 1300 km / h (+ -) .. The Su-24 will try to accelerate this speed for half an hour and is unlikely to accelerate .. On the MiG-23, I accelerated 1350 km / h in Mari by 500 meters .. tired. . Some lining lost on this .. And you still just-disperse, combat maneuver .. nonsense

Learn the history of the collapse of Yugoslavia! There it rolled !!

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Where are the civilians?

Interestingly, how do you imagine the suppression of air defense by artillery?

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The span itself at an extremely low altitude at transonic speed is a combat application. And in supersonic it's a bomb. Su-24 it can. The head shock wave is able to break the eardrum of a person. Only everyone present will suffer ...

Civilian bombers ... ??? !!!
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I’m embarrassed to ask, but what about CIVIL BOMERS? They only bomb civilians?

Some of the well-known restrictions that exist around the Syrian (roughly-formed) issue traditionally make it impossible to use civilian bombers. To the great pleasure of some, to the great regret of Syria.

No bombs, but free fuel. You can fly, for fun.

There is no need to rush. It is necessary to resolve the issue at the international site for the production and sale of oil. This is more important. The second stage is the reconnaissance of as many armored vehicles, artillery, Command posts, arsenals, retreat and offensive routes, the entire defense system as possible. Thirdly, to bring down artillery fire on the enemy in order to destroy the enemy’s air defense systems, Fourthly, an offensive was launched from the south of Idlib, as well as along the M-4 highway.

How is this a civilian bomber?

Yeah! Good thing a military bomber! But if there were a civilian bomber, then the barmalei would not be scared!