Bomber Su-24


Russian bombers "checked" NATO exercises

Russian aviation "said hello" to NATO.

Su-30CM multipurpose fighters and Su-24 naval aviation front-line bombers worked out strikes against ground targets at the test range in the Kaliningrad region.

According to the press service of the Baltic Fleet noted, the strikes by unguided aircraft missiles and precision bombing were carried out using experience gained in Syria.

The press service reported the following:

“The pilots conducted precision bombing at full-size targets, imitating command posts, engineering fortifications, manpower and equipment of a conditional enemy with aerial bombs, as well as unguided aircraft rockets.”

About ten Su-24 front-line bombers and Su-30CM multi-role fighters participated in these exercises. Although they took place against the backdrop of large-scale NATO exercises in the Baltic Sea, these exercises were planned.

Naval exercises of the BALTOPS 2019 alliance were launched on the ninth of June. They were attended by dozens of ships and a large number of aircraft. The number of military personnel employed in these exercises has reached twelve thousand people.