Russian bombers bombed a column of two hundred militants sent to Karabakh

Russia decided to support Armenia and with one powerful blow smashed the positions of two hundred militants.

Russia decided to intervene again in the armed conflict on the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, providing very significant assistance to Armenia, killing about two hundred militants in one large-scale blow. The air strike hit the settlement of Magara, where, as previously stated by representatives of nearby cities and towns, jihadists are being recruited from Syria.

“A few Russian bombers have just smashed the recruiting point of militants heading to Azerbaijan for the war with Armenia. Given the magnitude of the strike, at least 200 Turkish-backed jihadist rebels were hit. This is one of the largest groups of militants, destroyed by the Russians in the past few months "- said the Syrian source of the news agency

The portal also obtained unique video footage, which captured the moments of attacks by the Russian Aerospace Forces, and although we are talking about an anti-terrorist operation, analysts draw attention to the fact that Russia is providing Armenia with very serious assistance, a large number of jihadists could well end in significant troubles for the NKR and Yerevan.

Excellent work, apparently the professionals have worked. The more desolate terrorists are, the sooner peace will come to these lands.

Good job.