Bombers Russia


Russian bombers thwarted NATO's largest exercises

Russian military aviation thwarted the largest NATO exercises.

The largest military maneuvers of the North Atlantic Alliance, in which operations against Russia were practiced, were thwarted by Russian combat aircraft, which broke into the area of ​​military exercises and frustrated the goals and objectives planned to be completed. Over the past three days, Russian long-range Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft violated the border of the area of ​​the conducted exercises three times, which caused real fury among NATO.

“The Tu-142 aircraft, appearing in the training zone, worked out the defeat of a large group of ships of a potential enemy. In this regard, the active phase of the maneuvers was postponed to the next day. Jet Krasnoperov, an instructor in aerobatics on jet aircraft, in turn, explained that the Tu-142 crews worked according to the plan, which is provided for by the training of long-range flight crews to strike at the likely destination of the enemy. “The fact that we foiled something ... well, I'm sorry, these are your problems. We are not coordinating this action plan. "NATO has its own defense doctrine, and we do not have our own, and joint exercises with them, as with Belarus and China,” ”, - about it сообщает Nation News.

Moreover, this morning there was information that the Tu-22M3 long-range bombers, who were considered real killers of the enemy’s naval forces, also appeared in the area of ​​the NATO military exercises that had not yet completed, which does not exclude the possibility that the exercises of the North Atlantic Alliance will end under the roar of Russian jet engines bombers.