Russian Aerospace Forces strike Syria


Russian Su-34 bombers strike directly at the Turkish border

Russian aviation dropped aerial bombs on the positions of Turkish militants, who were hiding behind the Turkish border.

Russian Su-34 bombers dealt a powerful blow to the positions of the terrorists, which were covered by the Turkish border. It is known that the blow was struck on targets approximately 1,5-2 kilometers from the Turkish border. This indicates that Russia does not intend to tolerate the presence of militants on Syrian territory, and if necessary, strikes can quickly turn from pinpoint to large-scale.

According to the information agency, the Russian Aerospace Forces launched an airstrike in the area of ​​the settlement. Kah of the Syrian province of Idlib. The settlement is located just 2 kilometers from the border with Turkey. At the same time, the Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber, which carried out the attack, was spotted in the air at a very short distance from the Turkish border.

Sources say that in the destroyed area of ​​the terrorists there were transshipment warehouses with weapons, equipment and ammunition. In this case, up to 50 militants could be destroyed.

In turn, analysts saw in Russia's actions a direct warning to Turkey that in case of violation by Ankara of previously concluded agreements, such strikes will be carried out constantly and Turkey will not be able to oppose anything to this.

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Turkey will not be able to oppose anything to this.
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