Russian Su-34 bombers bombed Ukrainian equipment in front of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian troops who tried to storm Liman were attacked by Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers.

The attack of the Russian military aviation was an extremely big surprise for the Ukrainian military. This is evidenced not only by the fact that Russian planes were striking from low altitudes, but also by the fact that at that time the Ukrainian military was forcing the river, as a result of which Ukrainian armored vehicles were destroyed right at the crossing.

In one of the videos, attention should be paid to the fact that there are a large number of foreign mercenaries among the Ukrainian military. This confirms the previously announced information about their participation in the assault on Liman.

Other video footage shows that the Russian fighter strike came as a huge surprise to the Ukrainian military, who were apparently several hundred meters away from the strike site, waiting for the arrival of equipment that was successfully destroyed by the Russian bomber.

At the moment, the situation in the Liman region remains extremely difficult, however, thanks to the active actions of the Russian military, it has been somewhat stabilized.



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