Bomber Su-34


Russian Su-34 bombers spotted just 20 kilometers from US military bases

American military bases were in the sights of Russian Su-34 bombers.

Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers were deployed as close as possible to American military bases and facilities. In particular, according to Syrian sources, it is known that Russian combat aircraft flew only 20 kilometers from several military installations of the US Armed Forces at once, which is more than enough to bring down large-scale strikes.

According to Syrian information sources, several Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers were deployed to the airfield in Qamishli at once. It is known that we are talking about at least two combat aircraft. At the same time, experts name two probable reasons for the deployment of the Su-34 at the airbase in Kamyshly: provocative actions by the United States and the threat of a full-scale attack by Islamic State terrorists (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - ed.).

A little earlier, there was information that Russia intends to take measures to oust the United States from Syria. This is due to the fact that the presence of the US military in the Arab Republic is illegal. Given the capabilities of the Russian Su-34s, several US facilities in this country are under the potential attack of Russian fighter-bombers at once, and we are talking about hundreds, if not thousands, of US military personnel and mercenaries. However, with several thousand Islamic State terrorists on the loose, there is also a possibility that the Russian fighter-bombers that arrived in Qamishli will be deployed precisely to destroy these jihadists.

The article about how two lambs grazed nearby in the pasture of lions and the herd of lions did not touch them. Patriotism and optimism are off the charts, one must sensibly understand how many aircraft the NATO and CSTO countries and the economies of these countries have in their arsenal.

Bulgarian Defense Minister Stefan Yanev said that not a single Bulgarian soldier would take part in a military conflict on the territory of Ukraine or another country without the approval of parliament, Bulgarian National Radio reports.

your troops are in Israel, and the su34 is waiting for a US response on security and then it will bomb

The United States has spent millions on equipping its bases in Syria with personnel and equipment. The United States does not have permission from the United Nations or the Syrian legal leadership to deploy its bases. All the United States knows what awaits them in Syria, the military personnel receive money for this knowledge. The Russian Federation has all legal rights to use military force against an armed adversary. The United States themselves have stated in their official state documents that the Russian Federation is their enemy. Russia did not ask them about this. What questions?

I don’t understand something, are our troops in Syria in order to fight the Americans? So let them know, otherwise they are kind of scared, but they don’t know about it at all.