Russian Tu-22M3 bombers will storm the positions of terrorists in Syria

Russian Tu-22M3 bombers will be assigned a key role in the assault on Idlib.

Several Syrian military sources at once report that within the next week the Syrian army, with the direct support of the military aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces, will begin an assault on the Syrian province of Idlib. Given the continued presence of pro-Turkish militants in the area south of the M4 highway and the fortifications erected by the latter, long-range Tu-22M3 bombers will be used to storm the terrorists' positions.

The two appearance of Russian Tu-22M3 bombers in Syria this year indicates that the Russian military could well practice striking terrorists. Given the capabilities of the Tu-22M3 bombers, these aircraft can play a key role in clearing the areas of Syria from large groups of terrorists.

“The events of two years ago have shown that the militants are concentrating their forces in small areas, and if Tu-22M3 missile bombers are used, large enemy formations can be destroyed with one powerful blow. A similar tactic has already been used by Russia against terrorists of the "Islamic State" (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.) ", - emphasizes the specialist Avia.pro.

At the moment, the Russian side does not comment on the statements of Syrian military sources regarding the start of the assault on Idlib. The strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces, which have been going on for more than a month, indicate the fact that preparations are underway for a powerful offensive by the Syrian army.

For that matter, the Tu-22M3 is a long-range bomber, not a strategist. In general, the Turks were not brought under control then, after the shooting down of our plane as it should, and now it looks like a choice and shame (then) and sliding into war in the end. Well, if, of course, they are not yet ready to wipe themselves off (which the Turks seem to be counting on), after the use of Turkish mim-23, as it was written here, from the territory of Idlib. Idlib is not Hatay, and Russia is not France! =)

and if the Turks use the S400 against? Putin will reduce gas prices to the Turks? that in the Russian Federation there is no longer MLRS Smerch?

There is nothing to stand idle, let it make fun !!!!!

They came to the conclusion that strategic bombers are being bombed on the Syrian scourges .., ay the General Staff? :)