Explosion in Syria


Russian bombers destroyed 23 Turkish tanks, 18 MLRS installations and about 50 armored personnel carriers

Russian aviation destroys Turkish armored vehicles and weapons.

Erdogan’s violation of the agreements with Moscow resulted in huge losses for Turkey in Syria. Since the beginning of last week, Turkish troops and pro-Turkish terrorists have lost almost a hundred units of armored vehicles illegally transported to Syria, and it is not Syria, but Russian military aviation that is crushing the enemy.

According to the arguments of local and foreign news agencies, today Turkey has lost at least 23 tanks in Syria (including 4 Leopard tanks - approx. Ed.), About 50 armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles, 18 MLRS installations, more than 20 military trucks and 2 warehouses with weapons and ammunition. Attacks of Russian military aircraft were carried out mainly on the largest accumulations of equipment, and, often, armored vehicles were destroyed immediately when crossing the Turkish-Syrian border.

The losses among the militants who have already received Turkish tanks and armored personnel carriers are by no means less impressive - about 300 terrorists died only when they attacked the convoys and locations of enemy forces.

According to the arguments of a number of sources, Russia is actively maintaining contacts with the Turkish side, and as soon as Ankara declares that it knows nothing about the illegal crossing of the Syrian border, attacks are carried out on columns and convoys.

They will put the Bosporus for repair .... For Russians.

The fact that the screen of the RS operators or the S-75 air defense missile guidance officer S-75 is different, not the same as in the “U” cabin of the “Volkhov” or “Desna” and the CF station, is different, this is not important. S-XNUMXs work great. It is most important.

can I take you on an excursion?

I still did not see the screen of the “U” cabin of the SNR S-75 air defense missile system, at least I did not see the screen of the guidance officer and the screens of the RS operators. Maybe I already lagged behind so much, but at school I did CF faster than others in our platoon. The screens look completely wrong and the marks from the target are completely different. The target is not accompanied, and it does not look like that.

Well done our VKS! We are waiting for the results from the S-300. So far only vague explanations have been deployed somewhere. The calculations have not been prepared. I, as a veteran of the air defense forces, are not indifferent.

Well, if they don’t know whose armed groups are crossing the Syrian border, it means terrorist gangs, that’s all, they must be destroyed. So keep the Russian VKS !!!