For the second time in 24 hours, Russian bombers “attacked” US strategic facilities.

Russian strategic aviation "destroyed" the United States for the second time in a day.

This afternoon it became known that the Russian strategic missile-carrying bombers Tu-95 checked the US’s readiness to repel a nuclear attack a second time in 24 hours, flying to the borders of the United States of America at a distance of launching strategic nuclear missiles. As it turned out, Washington did not expect such a step on the part of Russia, and, like days earlier, the US Air Force fighters flew to intercept two Tu-95, accompanied by Su-35 fighters, with a delay.

“I remember in the United States not so long ago criticized the Russian Tu-95, calling these aircraft obsolete scrap metal. As we can see, this “scrap metal” is not only unable to be detected by modern radars of the American military, but F-22 simply cannot keep up with it ”, - the expert marks.

It is noteworthy that after four strategic bomber immediately humiliated the US Air Force, heated social disputes broke out on social networks about why Russian aircraft were not shot down, and one of the Twitter users offered to shoot down Russian aircraft. Russian apologies.

Amerikosy completely insolently forgot the USSR when every strategist was accompanied, we need to be reminded more often, and it is even better to expand the area of ​​responsibility of long-range aviation. We understand that we don’t fly a lot on 1980-1990.

Apologize and not have to - thanks torture!

"F-22 can't keep up with the Tu-95"

The Tu-95 did not enter US airspace.
He just walked the distance of a possible strike.
State defense lately spotted the planes and the F-22 were raised not to intercept, but in order to conduct the Tu-95, which had already gone out of the zone of possible destruction by their missiles, and therefore could not catch up with, his most exclusive country.

F-22 can not keep up with the Tu-95? Epic specialist!

What can I say? Well done our military! And you can also shoot down NATO military planes on takeoff, the good is that our radars "see" far beyond the horizon!

I propose to destroy the Anglo-Saxons and not apologize to anyone.