Russian armored personnel carriers tried to stop a convoy of American equipment in Syria. Video

Russian troops in Syria deployed armored personnel carriers on the M4 highway, trying to stop the American military convoy.

A few hours ago, the social network Twitter published a video showing the moment of deployment of Russian troops on the M4 highway. According to sources, the reason for this was an attempt to block the passage of a large column of American equipment, and, instead of the usual armored vehicles, at least two armored personnel carriers were seen on the M4 highway, which, obviously, indicates the seriousness of Russian intentions.

It is noteworthy that the civilian population was already preparing to capture the moment of blocking the American military, however, for unknown reasons, after waiting several hours, the Russian military was forced to leave the M4 highway, as a result of which the attempt to intercept was unsuccessful.

Nevertheless, according to the data published already in the evening, a large convoy of American equipment nevertheless advanced in the direction of the Syrian Tel Tamir, which obviously indicates the fact that the United States knew about the blocking of the transport interchange by the Russian military.

It should be clarified that the representatives of the Russian Ministry of Defense still do not comment on incidents between the Russian and American military in northeast Syria, noting, however, that all conflict situations are resolved by agreement.

Our military, in my humble opinion, is completely layman DO NOT get involved in direct clashes with the US military. We just need to make it clear to the Taliban and other “independent” ones that we will not be opposed to their “activity” against the Americans. We will let them go anywhere through their positions if they have the goal of attacking the amers. And that’s all - chestnuts from fire can be dragged with the wrong hands. By the way, this is exactly what the Americans themselves always and everywhere do. After some time, the Americans themselves will ask ours for help.

Strange as it may seem, Russian warriors “block” the road - they were so modestly perched on the side of the roadside, God forbid, not to think that they were blocking the passage!

Whoever raped someone there can be seen from the fact that the amers even pushed out of their base. Open your eyes !!!

Have you been there? .. Do you answer for your words?

Something you have beguiled ... Fucking shtatovtsy even pissed out of their base. And who is the coward ???

This is not bullshit, but actions on the situation. Your presidents are going crazy. And to you and to the whole world.

So mattresses see everything from satellites. Our wait for them is useless. We must go across. Or also use data from satellites. It's time to get used to high technology.

And what kind of gizmos are installed on top of an armored personnel carrier ???

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especially ghostbusters afraid of RA

There are three armored personnel carriers in the video, the afftor should wipe the glasses slightly

No BTeRs must be set! A couple of self-propelled guns MSTA !!!

Do you want a new war?

amers collapsed as usual

This is a story about the next weaning of medicines in children, strollers in the disabled, etc. .....

Our troops in Syria have who they want and how they want. Only the Tuvan commander is lying to the whole country about the invincibility of Russian weapons.

The Syrians themselves are unhappy with such co-creators. The whole East laughs how our troops can only quickly “capture” American bases when they flee from the Turks. Why is Assad such allies who can only guard their bases. Now Russia has begun to restore Syria at our expense, they hoped for Syrian oil, but the Americans are infinitely robbing Iraq and Syria, thereby paying off their war in the East and still presenting these countries with a bill for democracy, although they themselves created the Barmalei, destroyed Libya, Syria, Iraq etc. And we always help free of charge, and if that is, we can answer "mirror" ...

Wow, the M4 route has already reached Syria. This is the pace of construction.

I recall the 90s, the arrow was clogged, but the gang of that gang was cooler. Everything repeats, but one level higher.

yeah))) the order and the Washington regional committee)))


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Intelligence is 80 percent success. We knew that amers would advance — intelligence. Amer knew that ours were blocking (spacecraft, drones, aerial reconnaissance, radio interception, and finally a simple call from local "sympathizers"). As a result, they went to zeros. (But in the place of our mines and a quiet landing, I would leave).

As I understand it, the Russian armored personnel carriers tried to stop the convoy of American equipment in Syria, - But what about the Americans? .. you won’t believe it, but the Americans didn’t come to block the convoy ...

What is the author carrying, what the hell is that? There is a Russian patrol on the sidelines for an unknown reason - and there may be hundreds of them, from a trivial breakdown to a specially planned stop for some reason - but the author has already dragged the Americans here, where they went and did not go, whom the Russians were waiting for and blocked Further. The author of the fake thrower is ordinary, one thing.

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look at the box on the head to see if there are any leftover brains in it.

Putin is shouting like a dog barking! When troops were sent to Syria, he promised all of Russia that only the airborne forces and no ground forces would be used! However, bullshit is the quality of Putin, which he acquired for life!

Let's look at the result: will the Americans continue to block ours ...

I am not a military man or politician. And therefore, a reasonable question: the US military is illegal in this country !!! It's ridiculous to colic ... continue on?

Received an order, left, here's an unexplained reason for you))

On the part of the USA, there were uncoordinated actions, Agreed and missed. It is a working situation.

blocked, blocked, but didn’t block, they began to block, and they blocked

When there is a convoy of Russian military police, there is nothing to stand in the way
The American military died as a result of an accident in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor. This is stated in the official statement of the Pentagon.

Was the blocking attempt unsuccessful? This despite the fact that, based on the text of the article, did the Americans know about the intentions of the Russians, and sat quietly at the base, without making any attempts to leave somewhere? Did they bravely leave the unit, only knowing that the Russians had left? This is a SUCCESSFUL LOCKING! Solving their tasks, they kept the Americans as long as necessary, and having solved the task, they left. The strategist from the author of the article is none, but for whom he is noticeable immediately.

A tough answer?

Well, what is this story !?