Russian armored personnel carriers dispersed pro-American Kurds who attacked the Syrian military. Video

Russian APCs dispersed pro-American Kurds attacking the Syrian military.

A few hours ago, a rather mysterious incident occurred in northern Syria related to an attack on the Syrian military. According to the source, for no apparent reason, the pro-American Kurds unexpectedly opened fire on the Syrian military (and according to other sources, the Syrian military began shooting - ed.), As a result of which the Russian military on armored vehicles were urgently called to the scene of the attack who dispersed the attackers.



At the moment, the resource has information that members of the Kurdish armed group Asayish, actively supported by the American side, were behind the attack on the Syrian military. The causes of the conflict are still unknown - according to a number of sources, the Syrian military demanded that the Kurds remove their weapons in the village, but the latter opened fire in the air, after which shooting began from each side to kill.

On the presented video frames you can see how Russian armored vehicles arrive at the scene of the attack on the Syrian military - the Kurds managed to escape by this moment, however, experts do not exclude that we can talk about another provocation arranged by Washington against the background of blocking access to the areas controlled by the Syrian and Russian military Arab Republic.

It is known that the Russian military did not take part in the clash between the Kurds and the Syrian army.