Russian PMCs broke into the Himars deployment area

Russian PMCs managed to break into the area where the American Himars are located.

A few hours ago, Russian PMC formations for the first time entered the deployment area of ​​American Himars systems. This is evidenced by the data of both the PMC members themselves and a number of information sources, noting that American systems were previously deployed on the outskirts of Bakhmut.

According to the information provided by the Gray Zone Telegram channel, which is closely associated with Russian PMCs, the units have already entered the territory of the city of Bakhmut. It is noted that the promotion of Russian PMCs is carried out along Patrice Lumumba Street. At the same time, the Rybar Telegram channel published a map showing the deployment sites of American Himars systems. This indicates that Russian PMCs are actually already in the area where these systems are based.

To date, despite numerous reports, not a single Himars system supplied from the United States has been captured, as evidenced by the lack of relevant documentary evidence, as well as information provided by the Russian defense department. However, experts believe that today it is only a matter of time.


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