Russian deputies propose to recognize anti-vaxxers as extremists

Several million extremists may appear in Russia.

Tatyana Solomatina, Deputy Chairperson for Health Protection, has proposed elevating anti-vaxxers in Russia to the status of extremists. According to Solomatina, the ideas promoted by anti-vaccinators can cause health problems for other citizens of the country. And in the worst case scenario, and lead to the death of other people.

“These are people who work off their money, someone's order. There are those who are interested in the extinction of the population. There are structures that say that it is not necessary to be vaccinated. The fewer people there are, the better for a certain group of people. This is also a war, but on a different front.”- said Solomatina.

It is known that during the critical situation with the coronavirus in Russia, the network really actively promoted the refusal of vaccinations. Moreover, we are talking not only about Russian vaccines, but also about foreign ones. However, Solomatina's idea is unlikely to find support, since with a relatively large number of anti-vaccinators in the country, this can lead to an extremely unfavorable situation in society and even give rise to discord.


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