Russian paratroopers with an accurate shot from an ATGM destroyed a Ukrainian tank on the outskirts of Vugledar

During the ongoing assault on Vuhledar, Russian paratroopers managed to catch a Ukrainian tank and destroy it.

Despite the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine firmly hold Ugledar, the Russian military manages to eliminate the armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from various kinds of ambushes. One of such cases with the destruction of a Ukrainian tank using anti-tank systems was caught on video.

In the video footage, you can see how a Ukrainian tank, located in a defensive position, is suddenly attacked by Russian paratroopers. As a result of a successfully fired anti-tank missile, the tank receives critical damage and catches fire, and after a few more minutes, the ammunition detonates. The force of the explosion turned out to be so great that the combat vehicle was literally torn apart, as evidenced by the flying fragments of the tank.

To date, the fighting for control of Vuhledar continues, while, due to the lack of encirclement of the city, the Russian military rotates forces almost regularly, which is probably the reason why the Ukrainian Armed Forces manage to hold this city for such a long time.

A little earlier, journalists published video footage of attacks on Ugledar with incendiary ammunition.


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