Investigation of the disaster in Ukraine


Russian experts are surprised by the new circumstances of the investigation catastrophe MH17

Russian experts called investigation of accident in the Ukraine "unskilled and illiterate."

The surprise of the Russian experts was caused by the fact that the investigators from the Netherlands are already talking about the causes of the disaster and the perpetrators, although, in fact, at the crash site Boeing 777 Flight MH17 still lie hundreds of wreckage of the aircraft, which, of course, may be of some interest for the investigation. In addition, the work of the Dutch investigators, who over the past year have not been able to detect any characteristic features of the catastrophe, was subjected to outrage and criticism, which simply indicates the absence of a qualified approach.

Skeptics express doubts about the upcoming report on the crash of a passenger airliner, because, in essence, apart from basic information and assumptions, there will be no official facts and data in the report - moreover, experts openly refuse to work with witnesses of the MH17 disaster, which is simply unacceptable.


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