Rocket Zircon


Russian Zircon hypersonic missiles to receive nuclear warheads capable of destroying entire cities

The Zircon missiles will be transformed from tactical to strategic.

The newest Russian Zircon hypersonic missiles may soon become strategic. This is supposed to be achieved by replacing a conventional warhead with a nuclear one, which in turn will multiply the destructive effect, making it possible to destroy not only enemy military bases, but also aircraft carrier strike groups, as well as entire cities.

According to experts, if necessary, the Zircon hypersonic missiles can be equipped with a thermonuclear warhead with a capacity of up to 1 Mt. This greatly expands the capabilities of this Russian weapon. Moreover, each carrier of these weapons will be a potential carrier of nuclear weapons. This will give a clear and clear signal to the United States that any aggression against Russia will be immediately suppressed in the most harsh manner.

The Zircon hypersonic missile is planned to be adopted by the country within the next few months. By 2025, this missile will become the standard armament of Russian submarines, which will significantly enhance the combat capabilities of the Russian fleet. The appearance of nuclear warheads in missiles Zircon could be possible by 2024.

Great news. The Americans, of course, understood the "clear and clear signal" that it was bad jokes with us. It would be nice just to clarify why the Americans need us: we drive oil and gas along the southern and northern streams. And there was so much joy in the press when Boeing began to buy titanium parts from us! And happiness about buying an RD-180 from us! Do they really want to conquer us in order to receive the same, but paying us American salaries. Well, weirdos!