Syria defense


Russian and Syrian radars actively jam

Russian and Syrian radars are jammed by electronic warfare systems.

Syrian sources claim that the work of Syrian and, according to unconfirmed reports, Russian radars was noticed by electronic warfare. According to a number of information, there were recorded at least 2 cases where radar equipment was “jammed”, which, most likely, did not allow the detection of Israeli aircraft that attacked the Arab Republic and neighboring Iraq.

It is noteworthy that initially information about the impact on Syrian radar facilities, and given the combination of C-300 means with Russian air defense systems, this also applies to Russian radars, was also carried out on September 3, during the conflict between Lebanon and Israel.

Earlier, Israel had already been convicted of the impact of electronic warfare on Syrian air defense systems, in particular, we are talking about cases of the launch of Syrian anti-aircraft missiles towards the Golan Heights due to the detection of "phantom" targets, and therefore, the information may well correspond to reality.

On the other hand, at the moment there are no official comments from either Syria or Russia.