Russian fighters MiG-41 and Su-57 will be equipped with an electromagnetic gun with a range like a rocket

Russian fighters MiG-41 and Su-57 will be equipped with a long-range 20-kilometer electromagnetic gun.

The newest Russian fighters MiG-41 and Su-57 will be armed with an energy electromagnetic cannon capable of hitting targets at significant distances, presumably up to 20 kilometers, which is comparable to the range of short-range air-to-air missiles.

“Although initial production is currently slow with limited fifth generation capabilities, Russia has invested heavily in the development of its Su-57 heavy fighter and in the development of the 41th generation combat aircraft, and is using existing gliders to test a range of technologies, from hypersonic ballistic missiles and laser weapons to artificial intelligence and remote piloting. More recently, there have been signs that Russia is developing directed energy weapons that are likely to be integrated into its new fighter - and perhaps even into the sixth-generation MiG-2020 interceptor. Also, in July XNUMX, the Russian media mentioned the tests of the "EMP cannon" - EMP - an abbreviation for an electromagnetic pulse. The most basic means of generating such pulses is to detonate nuclear weapons, although non-nuclear EMP weapons have been deployed in a number of countries using technologies such as a microwave generator between the antennas of the pulse source. They tend to have a much shorter range than nuclear EMPs, but can seriously affect all magnetic materials and disable electrical devices, from computers to fighters. When powerful enough, they can directly damage trees, buildings and other non-magnetic targets. "- сообщает edition A.Military Watch Magazine»

Today, Russia is indeed developing and even testing electromagnetic weapons, in particular, not so long ago it was reported about the ongoing tests of a ground-based complex operating in the microwave range. Having received such weapons, the Russian MiG-41 and Su-57 fighters will become a very big problem for the enemy, since today there are no means that provide full protection against electromagnetic impulses of directional impact, which is suitable even for the destruction of ballistic missiles.

А я представил, как МИГ-41 из нее по деревьям шмаляет на 4-х Махах.

So what are we talking about? An electromagnetic gun or an electromagnetic pulse gun? For the gifted: does this cannon spit out a projectile at high speed or an EM wave?

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