Russian fighters attack NATO air defense system after staged provocation

The MiG-29 fighter destroyed the NATO air defense system with a missile strike.

Russian mass media report that Russian MiG-29 fighters, having taken part in the next strike, were able to destroy the NATO anti-aircraft missile system. According to the publication "", we are talking about the MIM-23 "Hawk" complexes, which, according to some sources, are the progenitor of the American "Patriot" systems.

“Russian MiG-29 fighters have eliminated the American MIM-23 Hawk air defense systems in Libya. Now Western experts are trying to establish how the "outdated" aircraft were able to break through the NATO defense system. The incident took place at the end of July, according to Defense24. According to the publication, two MiG-29 fighters bombed American installations of the MIM-23 Hawk air defense system, which were operated by the Turkish military, near the Libyan city of Sirte. Most likely, the radar did not catch the approaching threat, since radio-electronic interference was used to cover the aircraft. "This means that Russian MiGs can still be very effective in the most difficult missions and are able to fight against air defense systems," the newspaper concludes., - informs about it "".

Apparently, it is about the destruction of three MIM-23 "Hawk" air defense systems, which were provocatively deployed by the Turkish military at an airbase that previously belonged to the Libyan National Army, despite the ban on the supply of weapons to this country, as reported by the news agency Avia .pro previously reported. The strikes are believed to have involved both MiG-29 fighters and Mirage 2000 fighters of the UAE Air Force.

At the moment, it remains unknown where exactly the MiG-29 fighters came from in Libya - according to the United States, we are talking about fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces, while a number of Syrian sources reported that these are Syrian Air Force fighters temporarily sent to Libya to help Haftar.