Russian fighters worked at least 30 times to strike a NATO aircraft carrier

The British aircraft carrier was completely defenseless against Russian fighters and bombers.

The passage of a British aircraft carrier strike group through the eastern Mediterranean turned out to be very serious troubles for London. Despite the fact that it took the aircraft carrier a little more than a day, it became known that the fighters and bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces had practiced striking the AUG at least 30 times. Data on this subject are cited by the UK Defense Journal, noting that Russian aircraft were constantly intercepted by F-35 fighters.

“Previously, Russian aircraft were intercepted almost every day, but now that the strike group has returned to the Mediterranean, this is happening again. In fact, F-35s with HMS Queen Elizabeth were reported to have intercepted Russian aircraft in the eastern Mediterranean more than 30 times as part of an aircraft carrier strike group. Now that ships have returned to the region after sailing to and from the Pacific, it looks like Russia's interest has renewed. In an interview with Sky News' Deborah Haynes, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Russia had renewed its interest in HMS Queen Elizabeth and its F-35 jets as they headed home across the Mediterranean. "It is no secret that the Russians were very interested in the group of aircraft carriers en route from the United Kingdom - when the aircraft carrier and the group it leads were sailing to the Pacific Ocean - and now it is back in the Mediterranean," said Mr. Wallace.- сообщает British information publication.

In addition, there is information that Russian aircraft could also try to establish the crash site of the British F-35 fighter south of Cyprus, since, according to unofficial information, a Russian submarine moved here at all.

The unfinished Queen Elizabeth with unfinished F-35s is just an expensive toy for the small British taxpayer, for which they overpaid (made them overpay). Explain to them that in the event of a conflict with Russia, Russian fighters will be needed only for visual control of what the Dagger will do with the Queen. And about the F-35 ... well, sorry, we didn't know they were invisible.



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