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Russian fighters take flight American military plane?

An American military aircraft circling over eastern Syria hastily left airspace.

About a day ago, an American military aircraft, allegedly Beechcraft King Air 350, following through the airspace of neighboring Iraq, invaded Syrian airspace controlled by the Syrian, Russian and Iranian military. Despite the lack of any data, the resource had information that shortly before that, at least one combat aircraft had taken off from the Khmeimim airbase heading south-east, which may indicate that the Russian combat aircraft drove an American aircraft out of SAR airspace.

According to the information provided, the Beechсraft King Air 350 U.S. military aircraft was seen in the Abu Kemal area at 8 hours 44 minutes in the morning (UTC, corresponding to 13 hours 44 minutes), entering the airspace of the ATS at approximately 8 hours 7 minutes (UTC - Ed.) According to the source of Syria Sentry, at 12 hours 7 minutes (local time - approx. Ed.), a military aircraft was lifted from the Khmeimim airbase, which headed in a southeastern direction testify to the reaction of the aerospace forces to the appearance of the American udna.

Due to the lack of official comments, it is very problematic to establish whether it was precisely because of Russian combat aircraft that the American air port left Syrian airspace, but this is not the first time that Russian airborne forces drive aircraft away from the airspace of the Arab Republic.