Russian fighters intercepted American bombers near the Crimea. Video

The Russian aerospace forces showed the American bombers who is in charge in the sky.

Just a few hours ago, American strategic bombers marched over the waters of the Black Sea. Initially, these aircraft were accompanied by Romanian and Bulgarian fighters. Later, the air forces of Ukraine and Turkey joined them, however, this fact did not stop Russia, and the Russian air force fighters came close to the strategic bombers, at the same time, demonstrating to the Americans the presence of missile weapons.

On the presented video frames you can see the process of escorting American strategic bombers by the Russian air forces, while at some point the crew of a Russian combat aircraft menacingly approached the B1-B Lancer and arranged a buildup, demonstrating the availability of missile weapons and their readiness to use it.

"The Ministry of Defense emphasized that the flights of Russian aircraft took place" strictly in accordance with international rules. " After completing the task, the fighters returned to base. Earlier, the US Air Force command in Europe reported that two B-1B Lancer flew over the Black Sea. Aircraft rose from an air base in South Dakota. This is not the first time that American bombers conduct operations near Russian borders. ”- RIA Novosti reports.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the Russian fighters did not really show any aggression towards the American bombers, however, their rise in the sky was a wonderful warning for the United States that Russia fully controlled the airspace at its borders.