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Russian fighters intercepted Israeli planes minutes before attack on Syria

Russian fighter jets were taken into the skies minutes before Israeli attacks on Syria.

Despite claims that Russia may not be in control of the airspace over the region, it turned out that a few minutes before the IDF strike, Russia lifted its military aircraft from the Khmeimim airbase, which allegedly took off in a southeast direction. The rise of Russian aviation assets was recorded at 21 hours 47 minutes, while Israel launched an attack at 21 hours 48 minutes.

Given the distance from Khmeimim airbase to Damascus, Russian aircraft could have covered it in a matter of minutes, but analysts believe that Russia rather prevented the IDF from continuing its strikes, as the attack was carried out from airspace controlled by the Israeli military.

The Russian side has not yet commented on the information provided by the monitoring resource Sentry Syria, however, it is obvious that Russia could not have been unaware of the IDF attack, because otherwise Syrian air defense systems would have opened fire on the enemy, on which the agreements between Netanyahu and Putin.

At the moment, it is known that at least one of the Israeli missiles fell on the territory of the Syrian capital, however. according to sources, casualties were avoided by a fluke.


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