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Russian fighters raised to intercept Israeli military aircraft

Sources report another interception of Israeli fighters.

The night before, the Telegram community of Gallifrey Technologies, citing information provided by sources on Twitter, reported that Russian military aircraft were seen near the southern borders of Syria, which were lifted into the sky due to the appearance of Israeli fighters here.

“Russian fighter flights over southern Syria are reportedly reportedly due to the emergence of Israeli military aircraft”- said in the message.

Information on this subject is also confirmed by the Syrian Military Capabilities.

“Russian planes fly over the south of Syria. It looks like another Israeli attack was about to begin. ”- said in the message.

Moreover, according to the Sentry Syria community, shortly before Russian fighters were spotted over the southern part of the Arab Republic, they really took off from the Russian military air base "Khmeimim"advancing in a southeast direction.

At the moment, there are no official comments on this score from either the Russian or the Israeli side.

Anatoly. Israeli pilots are the most hardy in the world, and the most experienced. They will squeeze, as well as destroy anyone ...

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