Russian fighters come under fire from anti-aircraft artillery of Turkish militants

Turkish militants fired anti-aircraft guns at Russian fighters.

Around midnight, the situation in Syria became very aggravated. Besides the new attacks on the Russian military airbase "Khmeimim" with the use of loitering ammunition, the terrorists tried to shoot down Russian fighters in the skies over Afrin, attacking them from anti-aircraft installations.

According to Conflict TR, a group of Russian combat aircraft flying over Afrin were fired upon from anti-aircraft guns. This is also evidenced by a photograph of the militants' pickup truck, with an anti-aircraft gun installed in the back. Information on this score is also confirmed by the Russian "Telegram" -channel "Militarist", emphasizing that the jihadists failed to hit the Russian planes.

It is known that the flights of Russian fighters are associated with strikes. Apparently, in addition to fulfilling the task assigned to the Russian pilots, the blow was also inflicted on the anti-aircraft guns of the terrorists, since according to Conflict TR, immediately after the shelling of Russian combat aircraft in Afrin, a powerful explosion thundered - evidence of the attacks of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Today the situation in the northern and northwestern parts of Syria is very tense. According to so far unconfirmed reports, a day earlier, a convoy of Turkish military equipment entered Idlib, which included MIM-23 Hawk complexes.