Russian fighters had to be equipped with imported components

Russian fighter jets began to transfer to imported components.

For unknown reasons, the installation of foreign components has begun on Russian Su-30СМ fighters. This fact is confirmed by the corresponding photographs of these combat aircraft, arrived a few days ago in Belarus under a previously concluded contract, and the components themselves are not officially delivered to Russia due to the sanctions imposed, which causes a lot of questions.

In the photograph presented, experts drew attention to the HUD (indicator on the windshield - approx. Ed.) Thales HUD 3022, manufactured by a French company, and originally intended for Dassault Rafale fighters. From the 2015 of the year they were no longer to be installed on Su-30СМ fighters, however, for unknown reasons, instead of the domestic IKSH-1М device developed by Ramenskoye Instrument-Making Design Bureau JSC, it turned out to be foreign on Belarusian combat aircraft.

Experts do not exclude that Belarus independently chose a foreign device, however, it is not known how it was installed on a Russian fighter before arriving in Belarus, since no official comments were made on this subject.