Russian Su-30SM fighter jets hit Ukrainian troops advancing on Kremennaya

Russian military aviation launched intense strikes on the counterattacking forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kremennaya area.

Russian Su-30SM fighter jets, which previously also took part in strikes against Ukrainian troops during the attack on Liman, were involved in the strikes. The relevant video footage was captured directly at the scene.

The video footage shows how a pair of Russian Aerospace Forces Su-30SM fighters carry out bombing attacks on the advancing forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Apparently, air bombs are used for the attack, as was also observed during the assault by Ukrainian troops on the settlement of Liman.

On the video footage, you can see that Ukrainian formations are being hit with unguided aerial bombs, however, despite a number of landmarks seen on the video footage, the exact area from which the filming is being made has not yet been established, and therefore, it cannot yet be established how close the Ukrainian troops came to Kremennaya.

Su-30SM fighters have proven themselves quite successfully in the framework of the ongoing NWO. However, given the fact that Ukrainian troops are actively using man-portable air defense systems, the use of fighter jets to strike with unguided bombing weapons is associated with a number of serious risks.


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