Russian Su-34 fighters were raised on alarm near the Russian navy base in Syria

Russian fighter-bombers were alerted in Syria.

A few hours ago, at least one Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber (sources report two fighter flights - ed.) Was lifted into the skies from the Khmeimim airbase due to a very serious incident near the Russian Navy base in Syrian Tartus. The circumstances of the incident are still unknown, however, according to the source, (and this is also confirmed by video footage), the Russian combat aircraft was in the Tartus area for a long time, probably ensuring the security of the military base and preventing enemy aircraft from conducting reconnaissance.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment when the Russian Su-34 fighter was over Tartus. Taking into account the data of open monitoring resources, foreign reconnaissance aircraft in the area were not seen. Given the flights of Israeli fighters in the area of ​​the Syrian-Israeli and Lebanese-Syrian border, there is a possibility that Israel could plan a new aggression against Syria against the backdrop of possible attacks by Syrian or Iranian forces on the territory of the Jewish state.

At the moment, there are no official comments from the command of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria on this matter. Prolonged presence of a fighter in the air may indicate rather serious circumstances.

"The silence of the Russian lambs" speaks volumes.

Interesting. Soon, the Prime Minister of Israel is to come to the Kremlin for an inspection.

If only to spoil the air. Or maybe this is a planned flight?

How did you understand that this is Tartus?

it becomes difficult for Russia