Russian Su-35 fighters received unique missile weapons

Russian Su-35 fighters received unique missiles.

The latest aviation missiles greatly expand the capabilities of Russian combat aircraft, allowing them to hit targets at distances up to 300 kilometers, which, in fact, allows them to destroy enemy aircraft even before the radars of the latter can detect their target. According to Sina, endowed with such capabilities, Su-35 fighters turn into real deadly weapons.

Journalists of the Sina publication note that with the advent of the Su-35 fighters, American technologies now seem backward and, probably, it is thanks to the R-37M missiles that the combat aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces will occupy air superiority for a long time to come.

“Currently, the missile that has been transferred to the US Army and has the most powerful performance and the longest range is the AIM-120C air-to-air missile. However, its range is only a hundred kilometers, so in this area the United States lags behind Russia., - said in the publication of the publication "Sina".

The R-37M missiles also aroused quite a lot of interest from Egypt, in particular, according to the Defense Arabia publication, Egypt will regret it quite a lot due to the fact that it never acquired fighters from Russia, which would give the country's air force superiority in the region even over Israeli aircraft.


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