Russian Su-57 fighters received unique protection from NATO radars

For 7 months of NWO, Russian Su-57 fighters have never been seen by NATO.

The unique technology of low radar visibility used in the development of the fifth generation Su-57 fighters proved to be completely effective. As it turned out, in the seven months of the SVO, Russian fifth-generation fighters have never been seen by radar and air defense systems of NATO countries.

Thanks to the use of a special technology of low radar visibility, Su-57 fighters scatter radiation from the radar, which makes them virtually invisible. Initially, this was proven in ongoing tests, and now, apparently, this has also been proven by the successful use of these aircraft in real conditions, in fact, against advanced enemy radar and air defense systems.

The stealth technology implemented during the development of the fifth generation Su-57 fighter is fundamentally different from that used in American military aircraft. In this regard, the US and NATO countries cannot use their detection tools to track Russian fighters.

Considering such capabilities of Russian aircraft, experts believe that interest in them will increase dramatically among Russian partners, especially since there is unofficial evidence that Algeria has already ordered a batch of these aircraft.


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