Russian fighters chased the "hidden" British military aircraft off the coast of Crimea. Video

Fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces found a “victim” over the Black Sea and gave the British a warm welcome.

Russian airborne fighters found in the sky above the Black Sea a British electronic intelligence reconnaissance aircraft, which operated in conjunction with strategic bombers of the United States Air Force, which, according to some sources, imitated strikes against the territory of the Russian Federation. The British military aircraft was away from the main actions, however, he got from the Russian VKS.

On the presented video frames published by the Fighterbomber user, one can see how Russian fighters not only control the flight of a British aircraft, but also openly remind the crew of their presence and the possible consequences of any provocation created.

How long Russian fighters pursued a British military aircraft is unknown, however, the fact of the presence of the “Briton” is much more questionable, since the latter could well monitor the work of Russian air defense systems, which should have responded to the appearance in the sky of a large number of fighters and American strategic bombers, including those on high alert.