Russian fighters for the first time in three months began to attack terrorists

Turkey foiled the Idlib accords and Russia began to bomb militants.

A day earlier, Russia resumed its air strikes on the positions of militants and terrorists in the provinces of Aleppo, Latakia and Idlib, after the latter made several attempts to launch an attack on the positions of the Syrian army. After the aerial bombardment, it became known about the possible destruction of the Turkish Atilgan air defense system, which was handed over to militants for attacking Syrian and Russian military aircraft, however, a similar version has not yet been confirmed. Moreover, despite the fact that the militants and Turkey supporting them independently disrupted the agreement on creating a de-escalation zone, Turkey almost immediately blamed Russia for everything.

“Russian military aircraft launched their first airstrikes on Wednesday in the last three months on the last remaining stronghold of the opposition in northwestern Syria, opposition activists said. According to activists, attacks on positions in the province of Idlib were the first from Russia. There is no direct information about the victims. About 4 million civilians currently live in Idlib, some likely using a ceasefire as an opportunity to return home. ”- сообщает "Daily Sabah."

It is known that after the attacks of Russian aviation, the Syrian army went on the offensive, which tried to pin down the militants at the foot of Mount Zaviya, and the assault itself lasted several hours, resulting in large losses among the terrorists.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether such hostilities are the beginning of a rupture of agreements between Russia and Turkey, however, several weeks earlier it was reported that each of the parties began preparations for large-scale military clashes.

Started, finish the job.