Russian fighters worked hard on NATO planes trying to approach Russian borders

Fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces intercepted NATO planes trying to approach the Russian borders.

Russian Su-27 and Su-30 fighters were raised into the skies on alert after two foreign military reconnaissance aircraft tried to fly up to the Russian borders and threatened to violate the country's airspace. Russian fighters not only quickly caught up with NATO reconnaissance aircraft, but by their actions forced the latter to interrupt reconnaissance activities, including through a demonstration of the weapons available to the fighters.

In the video footage presented, you can see the moment of interception of foreign military aircraft near the Russian borders.

Video: RIA Novosti

Judging by the video presented, the rapprochement between the two aircraft was several hundred meters, however, this was enough to force the crews of the two aircraft to quickly interrupt the mission and return to their military bases.

It should be noted that Russia rarely raises its combat aircraft into the sky. Most often this is due to either NATO attempts to violate the borders of Russian airspace, or with attempts to disrupt the operation of Russian air defense and radar detection systems.

So far, there are no official comments on the mission carried out by NATO reconnaissance aircraft.

any meeting with a strong enemy, or at least with those who are not ready to surrender at the first meeting, already causes a hassle. Yes, such that they are ready to sue the Pentagon for $ 100 million. And how will they "protect" Urkaina? Hehe ...

From the text
"The video footage shows the interception of foreign military aircraft near the Russian borders."
I saw everything except the Russian border!

What is the rigidity? In information for the media?