Russian Ka-52 and Mi-8 could demolish the US base with just one joint salvo

The Russian military clearly demonstrated to the United States the readiness to ensure the security of Syria.

Against the backdrop of the illegal deployment of the US military in Syria, Russian combat helicopters clearly demonstrated to the US military group, currently based in northeast Syria, the readiness to use its potential in case of attempts to interfere with Russian military operations in the Arab Republic or show aggression against Syria . Several combat helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces clearly flew just a few kilometers from the American military bases, shooting false thermal targets along the way.

On the video footage presented, you can see how at least two Russian helicopters (we are talking about the attack Ka-52 and the army Mi-8) fly near the American military base in the northeast of the Arab Republic. We are not talking about creating any kind of provocation, however, by such actions, Russia clearly demonstrated to the United States that, due to the legal presence of the Russian military in Syria, it will fulfill its goals and objectives, regardless of any position of the United States on this matter.

Experts drew attention to the fact that with the relative insecurity of American military installations, near which patrol flights were carried out, one strike by Russian combat rotorcraft would be enough to successfully eliminate existing American military installations if the United States showed aggression, however, on At the moment, Moscow and Washington are still interacting in the Arab Republic with the key goal of countering terrorist groups.


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