Rocket strike caliber


Russian "Calibers" will "iron" the position of the last terrorists in Syria

The terrorists in Idlib will be hit with Caliber missiles.

The appearance in the Mediterranean of the Russian frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” can be marked by one of the most powerful missile strikes in the history of modern Russia. The target of the Russian Calibr cruise missiles will be the 100-thousand army of militants and terrorists, keeping the Syrian province of Idlib under its control, which threatens not only ordinary civilians, but also creates catastrophic tensions in the region.

"The appearance in the Mediterranean of the Russian frigate Admiral Gorshkov is more than strange. In fact, this warship is armed with the Caliber cruise missiles, which several years ago became an effective way to combat ISIL (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation - Ed.) Considering the destabilization in the region, Russia may well exacerbate the position of the terrorists, which threatens even with hundreds and even thousands of losses, "the specialist said.

A day before, the VKS delivered the most powerful blows to the SAR, as a result of which the militants and terrorists suffered numerous losses in both manpower and armament.

On the presented frames, you can see two series of air strikes VKS, which indicates that Russia is interested in the liberation of the province Idlib.

"... threatens with hundreds and even thousands of losses, the specialist said." Well, if another specialist gathers all the terrorists in one stadium and lands more tightly ...