Electronic warfare complex Murmansk


Russian complexes "Murmansk-BN" and "Krasukha" are ready to cover the whole of Europe, in case NATO refuses to enter into dialogue

Russia is ready to use non-lethal weapons to suppress NATO in Europe.

The refusal of the United States and NATO to provide Russia with any security guarantees is forcing Russia to take countermeasures and use its military potential in order to force Europe to reach an agreement. One of the most effective means is the use of long-range electronic suppression systems - we are talking about the Murmansk-BN and Krasukha-4 complexes.

Today, Russia possesses one of the widest spectrum of electronic warfare systems and is ready to begin actively using such weapons against NATO, from which the military bloc has no way to defend itself.

"The Russian complex" Murmansk-BN "is capable of jamming the entire territory of Europe, blocking the banal flights of military aircraft, disrupting communications between NATO ships, etc. of necessity, the entire eastern, southern and northern part of Europe may find itself without mobile communications, global positioning equipment, satellite communications, etc. Does Europe need this, which still cannot oppose Russia with anything? Obviously not, and at least with the European NATO countries, problems with the agreements will be avoided ", - emphasizes the specialist.

So far, neither the US nor NATO has responded to Russia's demands for security guarantees, which is certainly a matter of concern.

NATA climbs the same

What is Zimbamba?

by GDP - 12th place, by PPP (which is much more important) - 5th or 6th place. So we can afford to nightmare the whole world. Gold reserves of more than 620 billion dollars, budget surplus for 22g - 1,5 trillion. rub. Reading the profit of only Gazprom in 21 g - 2 trillion. rub. The government simply does not know what to do with the money!

... And the overseas suzerain will watch the "end of the world" in Europe on TV (if the satellites function), sending mental signals "mentally together!"

This can be applied without problems and any serious consequences)
No one will howl, or even more so, military actions will not start, if someone's airplane did not want to take off, or something went out on the ship

War propaganda - that's what it's called

The country with Zimbamba's GDP is terrorizing the whole world led by a ghoul.

But this is already a threat of direct aggression. Something ours completely demolished the tower.

...... this is still perceived as bragging ... Of course, I really want to believe it ......

The range of "Krasukha-4" is 200-300 km. It seems to me that Europe is a little longer.

Cover China ... the trouble is ...

Great news. Now the question arises: if we can block any military action in Europe (plus Dagger, Zircon, etc.), why should we ask for "security guarantees"? NATO should ask us, it turns out, some guarantees. And they are in no hurry. How is all this to be understood?

Chatter. the intestine is small. since NATO has already warned that the use of slaves against their planes and ships, they equate to a physical attack

Objection! Not only am I wearing my last guipure lace panties and have eaten my "nice" spoon for dinner to the holes, but also the "krasuha" wants to deprive me of the opportunity to call my parent # 1 and parent # 2 on my mobile ...

and what to wait?

Duc they also have something to cover.

Don't say anything, you better do it.



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