Russian electronic warfare systems block Israeli aircraft from strikes on Syria

The Russian military has deployed a serious electronic warfare force in Syrian Tartus.

After repeated warnings by Russia of the Israeli side about the inadmissibility of striking the territory of Syria, the Russian military deployed its powerful electronic warfare systems in the Syrian city of Tartus, which not only prevent Israeli missiles from hitting targets, but also create a lot of problems for American military reconnaissance aircraft, which create serious provocations both near the Russian naval base in Tartus and near the Khmeimim airbase in the Syrian province of Latakia.

So, the Russian TV channel released a story that tells about the work of specialists of the electronic warfare units of the Russian Armed Forces, who are serving at the Russian military base in Syrian Tartus.

Judging by the video frames presented, in addition to portable short-range electronic suppression systems, at least three Krasukha-4 electronic warfare systems are located in the area of ​​Syrian Tartus, which are capable not only of disorienting enemy aircraft, drones and missiles, but also, in fact, disabling their control systems. destroy from a distance of several hundred kilometers.

According to experts, it is for this reason that the Israeli aviation has not recently risked operating in this area of ​​Syria, realizing that the Russian military can easily destroy aircraft, not to mention the more vulnerable F-35.

A couple of days ago, the Israelis tried unsuccessfully to bomb Iranian targets in Syria. And then they also unsuccessfully struck the Syrian air defense system, once again just bombing the sand in the positions. The Syrians have suffered, yes. But where does the fight on the air have to do with it? Where is Tartus and where are the Israeli attacks?

Something this has not yet influenced the air robbers from Israel.

Where did you get the information about the destruction of the Syrian air defense unit?
You should not repost everything, otherwise you will constantly end up in stupid stories.

A couple of days ago, Israeli Air Force planes successfully bombed Iranian targets. True, the Syrian air defenses returned fire and the rocket exploded in the Negev desert far from Syria. In response, the Israeli Air Force destroyed part of the Syrian air defense system. one officer was killed and two were wounded. It is not clear where this fight is on the air?