Golan Heights


Russian complexes EW "Krasuha" left Israel without radar

Russian electronic suppression systems left Israel "blind."

Regular flights of aircraft of electronic intelligence of the Israeli Air Force, as well as the third case of sending balloons from the Golan Heights (the territory of Syria, illegally occupied by Israel - approx. Ed.) To detect the positions of the Syrian air defense systems, show that the Israeli electronic intelligence systems located on earth, no longer functioning properly. According to experts, this could only happen because of the impact of electronic jamming complexes.

According to the first expert estimates, Russia resumed electronic suppression systems after frequent attacks by jihadists and high activity of American aviation over the Mediterranean Sea, as a result of which Israel simply cannot receive objective information about the positions of the Syrian air defense systems, thereby forcing the Syrian military to open fire on bait aerostats.

As for the Russian EW facilities, they are located at the Russian military Hmeimim airbase, and they can easily carry out the suppression in the north of Israel.

Moreover, experts pay attention to the fact that in the last three provocations, Israel has never used its fighters to attack Syria, obviously aware of how this can be completed, taking into account the adoption of the C-300 systems by the Arab Republic.

And how do you know about strikes against Iranian facilities in Syria? Maybe the Israeli Defense Minister reported to you about this?

What nonsense.? Over the past two weeks, Israel has twice struck Iranian targets in Syria. The last raid is right after the end of Eurovision.

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