Russian electronic warfare systems brought down the systems of American F-35 fighters in Europe

The onboard systems of the American F-35 were brought down by the Russian Murmansk-BN electronic warfare systems.

Russian electronic warfare systems "Murmansk-BN", located in the Murmansk region, Kaliningrad region and in the Crimea, brought down the onboard systems of American F-35 fighters. According to the Chinese information publication "Sina Military", most of the systems of American F-35 fighters simply fail, flying closer than 500 kilometers from the deployment sites of these electronic warfare systems. Moreover, it is precisely with this that the refusal to use such combat aircraft over the Black Sea and over the southern part of the Baltic Sea is connected.

"F-35 fighter pilots complain that they periodically lose communication, and some systems do not work at all when flying near the western Russian borders.", - note the authors of "Sina Military".

In the summer of this year, a group of Italian F-35 fighters was deployed to Estonia, however, after a serious impact by Russian electronic warfare means, NATO countries refused to place their fifth generation combat aircraft so close to the Russian borders. According to Sina Military journalists, the Murmansk-BN complexes have become Russia's key weapons.

“Russian systems“ Murmansk-BN ”are advanced non-lethal weapons capable of hitting enemy electronic systems at distances over 3000 kilometers. If the United States tries to put pressure on Russia, then Russian weapons will begin to burn at full power ", - emphasize the specialists.

It should be noted that NATO previously complained about the work of Russian electronic warfare systems, noting that these weapons pose a threat to almost all of the Alliance's weapons.

And where are the cartoons?

In Rash, in words, everything has no analogues, but as you dig deeper, you will be horrified by the antediluvian Rashin military equipment. If out of 56 surface ships of our "vaunted" Baltic fleet, only 5 ships can go on long voyages, and the rest of the ships are so, dust in the eyes of the people for parades, so draw conclusions. How is the Kremlin going to fight the NATO bloc with such a fleet?

New Year's joke.

This is great. Let them burn on approach

Olga, correctly not "I read and did not understand ...", but "read and did not understand ...". Get used to it. How did the operation go?

Is quite real. The enemy knows this too, so he does not "bite", but only loudly "barks". Everything will be fine.

Here the incandescence of the lamps and burns out. Here everything is thought out, this is not this for you

I read it and did not understand - is it such a joke or stupidity?

Gosh, don't be silly! It doesn't matter how the carrier frequency is emitted at which all systems work - lamps, shovels or an ultra-modern digit with encryption. Choke on time. The whole art is to suppress the enemy, causing a minimum of damage to your technique. And in this we are far ahead of the rest of the planet.

Yes, Zhora, one lie about the superiority of Rush's weapons.

Either bedtime stories, or just a set of nonsense for the layman ... After all, the F-35 is equipped with tube RSIU-3 of 1949 ...



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