Russian electronic warfare systems planted 15 Turkish "Bayraktars"

Russian electronic warfare systems dealt with 15 Bayraktar TB2 attack UAVs.

Russian military expert Ivan Konovalov, during the live broadcast, said that the electronic warfare systems deployed by the Russian military were able to successfully eliminate 15 Turkish multipurpose shock reconnaissance drones. At the same time, the drones allegedly managed to land without firing a single shot.

“Russian means of electronic warfare planted 15 Bayraktars during the war in Karabakh. Everyone knows this very well! What do they (Ukraine) want? And they have only 12 (Bayraktars)! Well ... they lost everything in due time, all the control stations, um ... batteries, were captured by the fire that the Americans had passed! Here (in the DPR) the same thing will happen - either they will be shot down or they will be imprisoned! And they (Ukraine) should have no illusions "- said Ivan Konovalov.

Such information has not previously appeared either in Armenia or in Russia, however, the Bayraktar TB2 drones really played a key role in the war on the territory of Karabakh, although it is obvious that the Armenian military would certainly have demonstrated at least a few copies of the captured drones.

At the same time, taking into account the initial data of the General Staff of Ukraine, the UAV UAV was able to freely overcome 13 kilometers deep into the territory of the DPR, remaining unnoticed until the moment of the strike. This indicates that the militias do not possess any radar equipment capable of recording Turkish drones flights, let alone successfully hitting unmanned aerial vehicles.

How did Russia enter Karabakh then?

Why not 14 or 16, namely 15?

Doesn't the experience of Abkhazia and South Ossetia teach?)

Yes, at least one, what a dozen

There is nothing better than Russian hyper-they are the best in the world, and Turkey with its drones is like cancer before Moscow.

"Peacekeeping" is a loose concept, well, like - a vegetarian crocodile ...

show at least a dozen planted drones

What are they surfing?

Where are these 15 planted drones with Russian electronic warfare systems? Do you want to say that Russia was a party to the conflict and fought against Azerbaijan?

Francis Gary Powers also plowed something, chickens are counted in the fall.

don't jump to conclusions, especially sitting on the couch

When Ukraine gets modern weapons in the Kremlin, it is called anxiety. Russia does not have an effective weapon against the Bayratkars, it must be admitted that today's Turkey is not the same as it was before. Accept and see how the Turkish Bayratkars are plowing, or better yet, hide.

Superiority in the new weapons of Azerbaijan and decided the outcome of the war. And the main rall was played by Turkish drones.
For existing radars, this is an inconspicuous target because it is small. If he had put the shrapnelist Alexander with a gun on a high tree, then he would not have noticed anything, and he would not have fired anywhere.

The outcome of the war was decided by Putin's decision to teach Armenia a lesson.

Drones are not a problem today. It is elementary to shoot them down. And, their vaunted flocks are well destroyed by shrapnel., And on
loners are full of all kinds of weapons. Even the latest sniper rifles. Military DPR + LPR are being modest. Don't

and they say the Russians are engaged in peacekeeping in Karabakh)

15? Where is the proof? ))))

One grandmother said .......

In Syria they were shot down in Libya they were shot down, in Artsakh they were shot down, and here they can get shot down

It's time to demonstrate this in Ukraine with our help.

He was not wrong? Maybe 150?

Have you been there in person and saw or are you just throwing false information?

In Karabakh, the outcome of the war was decided by the training of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, in particular, the training of artillerymen, their ability to deliver accurate strikes against tanks based on data from conventional reconnaissance drones. And about the bayraktar, the Yerevan commanders yelled, before that they had been heroic at the expense of Russian bayonets. In general, bayraktar is "a good fellow against the sheep, and against a good fellow - the sheep itself." In the presence of serious air defense from him "scraps will fly through the back streets."

And what's the use of Russian passports? !!! DNrovtsy will soon glue toilets with them

In Syria, a year ago, in the province of Idlib, just these vaunted drones did not help Erdogan and in 2 months the Syrian troops liberated more than 1900t sq km of territory

We not only believe, but we will do!

Do you think someone will believe what this Konovalov is talking about?

Well, in Syria, they saw bayraktars falling from heaven.

The effectiveness of the Turkish Bayraktars has been proven in the war for Karabakh. There was not a single video about the mass destruction, landing, incapacitation of these drones, and many videos of how they destroy military equipment and manpower.

Why lie and invent? Storytellers have proliferated nemerenno - it means that things are bad in power.

Thanks for the stories. Propaganda rules!

A smart one will not advertise it. The less the enemy knows about your capabilities, the less he lives.

The army of Ukraine is generally rzhach

I didn't see, but where did you spy on?

Stupid statements

Nobody planted Bayraktars, there is panic in the Kremlin !!!

A Russian military expert is already an anecdote in itself.

do not tell fairy tales. Nobody planted a Bayratkar even more than 15 pieces. All this is propaganda. how bayraktar worked the world saw in syria, libya and azerbaijan