Russian electronic warfare systems carried out a large-scale attack on American military satellites

In the United States, they recorded an attack on their space military satellites.

The US military command announced that the Russian military conducted an unprecedented attack on US military spacecraft. Attacks have been carried out using electronic warfare systems of an unknown type and for a very long time, and such attacks have a serious impact on the operation of US spacecraft.

Information on this matter appeared after the statement of the American military command that Russia and China even used laser weapons against satellites.

“When Russia detonates a satellite in space with a rocket, as it did this month, the ongoing arms race in space becomes big news. But the United States and its adversaries are fighting in space every day. “Threats are indeed growing and expanding every day. And this is indeed an evolution of activity that has been going on for a long time, ”General David Thompson, the Space Force's first deputy chief for space operations, told me. Right now, the US Space Force is investigating what Thompson calls "reversible attacks" on US government satellites (that is, attacks that do not permanently damage satellites) "every single day." According to him, Russia regularly attacks American satellites with non-kinetic means, including electronic warfare ", - reports "The Washington Post".

Today, Russia is armed with several electronic warfare devices that allow attacking US space satellites. Moreover, in all likelihood, attacks on American military spacecraft are not such - Russia only disrupts their work at the time of passing over its strategic and military facilities, trying to prevent leakage of important information, although, if necessary, satellites can be completely withdrawn from building with the same electronic warfare systems.

The work of Petrov and Boshirov - they jump onto American satellites on a trampoline and manually disable them with a sledgehammer.

It is not clear: a nightmare-nightmare! or the attacks are not irreversible ...? Themselves "drove away" the topic - they themselves were scared. You just have to read: "How much will it break off from the new defense budget?" The other day the wreckage of its own "Pegasus" flew near the ISS - and everything is quiet: it's American wreckage!

"they will hit from all the trunks"))) They have already hit in Afghanistan, still everyone is rolling with laughter))

"from all" - how much? And where will they "hit"? :)
Reversing the attack does not damage the satellite. Just jamming his p \ connection. And this can be done not only from the Earth.
And the optics "jam" ... with sunny bunnies. Remember your barefoot childhood ...

the thief runs away, he shouts loudest "Stop the thief" and so do the Americans. They have no equal in this. When they want to steal something, they always offer to watch something ...

As soon as this happens, they will hit from all the barrels. Therefore, this is a fake.