Atomic space plane


Russian designers are developing a space drone

In Russia will create a unique space-drone aircraft.

Despite the fact that work on the creation of this aircraft began not so long ago, experts believe that by 2020, a unique space-droneship aircraft will be able to undergo its first tests. According to some information, which by the present moment has the information agency, it is a question of modernization of the Soviet atomic spacecraft MG-19, which was designed back in Soviet times.

What exactly will be a space plane-drone, at the moment is very problematic, however, it is obvious that if the tests of a unique aircraft become successful, the project will have the prospect of further development.

"Buran" has already flew without a pilot.
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The Cosmos lot of work Cosmonaut can not do. On this - DEVELOPMENT sensible and necessary!

Attention! Yes it is clear that it is a nuclear spaceship will be developed not just as expensive materials in osvnovnom all satellites, but the bottom line is that this is an atomic drone so here it is necessary to take into account its performance and review its performance ...

And they will be used for flights to other continents. It will accelerate until it reaches the trajectory, while it brakes - the floor of the planet will slip ...

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