Russian ships and fighters massively "attacked" the British fleet in the eastern Mediterranean

Russian military aviation and the navy put pressure on British ships in the eastern Mediterranean.

The head of the British Ministry of Defense, Ben Wallace, said that the Russian military had staged a powerful pressure on the British aircraft carrier strike group in the eastern Mediterranean. This was the first time this was observed and, probably, this indicates that the Russian military demonstrated to London their dominance in the region, despite the fact that there are two British military bases here at once.

According to Wallace, as soon as British warships, including the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, appeared in the Mediterranean, Russian aircraft immediately began tracking them, and after a while a real raid on the British fleet was made. Moreover, later Russian submarines and ships also joined the "attack" on the British aircraft carrier strike group, although no information was provided on the conduct of military exercises.

“The senior government minister did report that Russia had renewed its interest in HMS Queen Elizabeth and its F-35s as they were heading home across the Mediterranean. Moscow previously used several combat aircraft to practice an attack on an aircraft carrier strike group as it headed across the waterway back in June at the start of its deployment. Now the situation has repeated itself "- сообщает edition "Sky News".

Considering the route of the British AUG, the Russian aviation and navy operated at a considerable distance from the bases of the Russian Navy and Aerospace Forces in Syria.

Let more psychiatrists be trained to receive the military after the campaigns

And the photo of Arleigh Burke? And what does the British fleet have to do with it?

yes, of course, there will be no war even if the entire aircraft carrier group is put to the bottom, because England has a thin gut

So what? The author was promoted. There is no war and there will never be. In England, our oligarchs have real estate and families.
These fairy tales are for children ....

AUG has up to 100 aircraft at its disposal. How can a dozen fighters from Hmeimim base attack a hundred of the latest British carrier-based fighters?

They would "dominate" the Donbass. How many people have been killed by Bandera over the years?

How many were drowned? Zero? Now the ball is on their side.



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