Russian ships began pursuing NATO warships heading towards Crimea

The Russian fleet began pursuit of NATO ships in the waters of the Black Sea.

A few hours ago, a group of six warships of the North Atlantic Alliance entered the waters of the Black Sea and, according to initial data, moved towards the Crimea, apparently heading for the shores of Ukraine. Due to the sufficiently large number of warships, the Russian fleet immediately began to pursue the ships of a potential enemy.

“The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation is monitoring the NATO ships that entered the Black Sea on October 29, the National Defense Control Center said. The North Atlantic military group consists of the mobile naval supply base "Aliakmon" of the Greek Navy, the French minesweeper "Orion", and the minesweepers "Alghero" and "Duero" of the fleets of Italy and Spain. "The forces and means of the Black Sea Fleet have begun to continuously monitor the actions of a group of mine-sweeping forces of the joint NATO Navy, which entered the Black Sea on October 29," the Russian military said., - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Gazeta.ru".

The purpose of the appearance of a mine-sweeping group in the waters of the Black Sea remains unknown, while analysts draw attention to the fact that NATO ships are now almost constantly present in this region, replacing each other, which definitely creates tensions near the Russian borders and forces the Russian military promptly respond to this, including through a demonstration of readiness to use force.

Again minesweepers (Moski).
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