Caliber missile launch


Russian ships launched dozens of Caliber cruise missiles on terrorists

Russian warships launched a massive missile attack on the terrorists attacking Aleppo.

A few hours ago, the ships of the Russian Navy launched a large number of cruise missiles at the positions of terrorists preparing to counterattack the Russian, Syrian and Iranian military, as well as members of groups and organizations that took part in the liberation of Aleppo. Terrorists suffered enormous losses, both in manpower and in technology, and were forced to surrender, surrendering the western part of Aleppo and the suburbs of this largest Syrian city with virtually no resistance.

"The shelling of long-range cruise missiles by a Russian warship in the Mediterranean Sea, aimed at the vicinity of the city of Ainjara in the western part of the province of Aleppo", - quotes the Aleppo Media Center.

According to monitoring resources, the surroundings of the city of Ainjar did indeed undergo massive blows this afternoon, however, there are no official comments on the part of cruise missile strikes from the Russian Navy command.

It should be clarified that off the coast of Syria there are indeed Russian warships armed with at least two dozen Caliber cruise missiles, in connection with which it is possible that the Russian fleet did launch a large-scale missile attack on the positions of militants.